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Books Of The Bible

I wanted our children to have a "hands-on" tool to help them learn the books of the Bible. I designed a bookshelf that is shaped like an open Bible for displaying the "books".

The "books" were made with video cases (donated by a local video store). I inserted into the clear flap on the outside of each case a brightly colored piece of paper. The name of one of the books of the Bible was centered vertically on the paper so it would show on the spine of the "book" when stored in the bookshelf.

I used different colors for the covers of the books in order to represent the categories the books of the Bible can be broken down into (law, history, poetry, minor prophets, major prophets, and so on).

The children enjoy this interactive tool to practice putting the books of the Bible in order. It is not only a great classroom eye-catcher, but also a tool for lessons and for games.

An added bonus in using empty video cases - treats can be stored inside! Among other options, I can ask a boy or girl to pick out the book of the Bible I taught from last week. If they're correct, when they open the "book" they get the treat inside.

This idea can also be done on a smaller scale using cassette cases and amore portable shelf for storing them in.


Submitted by Patricia Hyman

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