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A This year, we are going on a safari. We are looking for all that God has for us to do with our lives and for all that we can do for others. This is going to be an exciting year as we take a journey into the lives of people around the world who are constantly living in need of a Savior and in need of almost everything to survive. Each day we will journey deeper into what God has in store for each child and each adult. We will visit through puppets, games, stories, testimonies from Zambians, Afrikans, and so much more. We will sing the songs, listen to the Lion ROAR and let God move in our hearts, This is going to be a great year and we can' wat to see what all God has in store.

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Meet our Puppets for 2019



Decorating Ideas

A When it comes to decorating this year anything jungle, African, Lion, Tiger, Zebra that will all work great. Both Shindigz.com and Orientaltrading.com have some great items you can use. But let your imagination go crazy. We are going on a Safari, so have fun. Also, Group Publishing ans Lifeway are both doing a Jungle based theme for their VBS this year. Anything you can find from either of those will fit perfectly into what we are doing. So, have fun!

Worker Recruiting Videos

George Bush Heroes

Kidz Storm Volunteers

Penny Offering Mission Project

A This year we are doing something really cool with our Penny Offereing. We will be working with the Lion Project from Bibles4children.com. In the dropbox link you will find flyers explaining how this program works. The great part about it is that not only will we be helping children who cannot read to hear the Bible for the first time in their lives, but we will also be helping to get the scriptures into the hands of many Muslim children in refugee camps all across north Africa and the middle east. As always, you don't have to do this project, but if you can, it will be greatly appreciated. Next year, 2020, Steve and Cheryl will be going back to Africa to do some camps. They will be able to take some of these stuffed lions and Bible readers to the children at these camps and help to make an eternal difference in their lives and the lives of their families. Won't you please consider helping us?

A Video for Altar Workers to Watch

A  Here is a great video for your altar workers to watch. This will help them to be prepared to work with the kids that come in the invitation. This is the video that we make all of our interns watch and this is the way we deal with children. I think you will find it very beneficial.

Lion Safari  Songs  
We will use some edited versions of these songs.  The songs we will use are available through the dropbox link below for you to download and start singing.

A .

Kidz Storm Downlads
All the info you will need is located in this file.  Please be sure to read everything.  
Thank you!

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